SBI International Holdings AG 

Shikun & Binui – S.B.I. Infrastructure Ltd. is Shikun & Binui Group’s global infrastructures arm for the implementation of civil engineering, development and construction projects.
SBI’s vast experience as a civil engineering construction company and as part of the Shikun & Binui Group, enables the company to provide solutions to a wide range of requirements in the projects in which it is involved and to fulfill a wide range of abilities, including: public works, roads and highways, bridges, construction, civil engineering, water and wastewater plants, telecommunications, hydroelectric (HEP) and thermal power, quarries and aggregates processing plants, turnkey projects and project management. The company has a strong professional and financial base that enables the implementation of turnkey projects and joint ventures in leading projects. S.B.I. plays a major role leading the Group’s infrastructure operations in new enterprises adapted to the growing worldwide trend of constructing PPP and BOT projects. The company remains committed to the Group’s vision of sustainability, manifested in its daily activities in implementing projects.