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About the Company

Shikun & Binui – S.B.I. Infrastructure Ltd. (“S.B.I.”) is the Shikun & Binui Group's global infrastructures company, which implements civil engineering, development and construction projects abroad. SBI International Holdings AG (“SBI AG”), Switzerland, fully controlled by S.B.I. , is the International implementation arm of the company.



S.B.I.’s rich experience, and as part of the Shikun & Binui Group, enables the company to provide solutions to a wide range of requirements in the projects in which it is involved and to accomplish a wide range of abilities, including: public works, roads and highways, bridges, water and wastewater plants, telecommunications, hydroelectric power plants (HPP), quarries, asphalt and concrete processing plants. 
S.B.I is carrying out various type of contracts as turnkey projects, EPC, measured quantities and project management. The company has a strong professional and financial base that enables the implementation of turnkey projects on its own or through joint ventures in leading projects.

S.B.I. plays a major role leading the Group's infrastructure operations in new enterprises adapted to the growing worldwide trend of constructing PPP and BOT projects. The company remains committed to the Group's vision of sustainability, manifested in its range of projects and the way it implements them.

Over 58 years of operations in global markets SBI AG has gained experience in implementing a range of projects:

Construction and Paving thousands of kilometers of highways, bridges and airport runways, among which, to mention just a few are: Rehabilitation of Lagos – Ibadan Highway Section II, Nigeria ($ 530 million), Mbarara – Katuna Road, Uganda ($ 150 Million) Reconstruction of Mughanli – Yevlakh Road, Azerbaijan ($ 337 million) Franja Transversal Del Norte Road, Guatemala ($ 250 million). A major part of the company's activities focuses on turnkey projects. The company is responsible for all aspects of the projects, from feasibility studies through preliminary and detailed design, construction, procurement, installing equipment, up to completing the project and handing over to the customer. SBI AG develops and provides optimal solutions for each customer's demands by combining technical expertise, decades of experience and with its large fleet of advanced machinery and equipment.

Power Stations: The Company's ability to combine advanced technology with human capabilities enables the company to realize its abilities in renewable energy, as part of its ability and to cope with complex environmental challenges.
SBI AG - Switzerland's exceptional reputation has been resulted in the building of Hydroelectric power plants in Guatemala: El Canada 45MW, Monte Cristo 12MW, XACBAL 94MW and Palo Viejo 86 MW.
For example, Palo Viejo in Guatemala provides 86MW collected from four rivers. The project includes building a 300,000 cubic meters reservoir, 500 meters of tunnels, 19 kilometers of water channels, 1.5 kilometers of pressure release pipes, 5 bridges and other infrastructure work. The project is worth $194 million and was delivered on time despite harsh and challenging conditions.
Guatemala's El Canada HPP project which supplies 46MW and is powered by two turbines. The Project was built by the company in a record time of two years. The company was the EPC contractor for the project with General Electric and ABB as subcontractors to implement electromechanical systems.

Water and Wastewater Plants: In response to the growing global demand for developing water sources due to dwindling worldwide water resources, and adhering to the Shikun & Binui Group's commitment to lead a sustainable environment, SBI AG applies the extensive experience it has gained and its technological expertise in a broad range of areas related to water. The company is a leading enterprise in implementing solutions for the global water crisis. The company offers engineering services, procurement, construction and management of individual and complex projects in all ventures related to water and wastewater.
These include: dams, tunnels, reservoirs, boreholes and wells, water towers, main and reticulation conduits, as well as drainage solutions and water and wastewater treatment plants.

Telecommunications Infrastructures: Innovative telecommunications infrastructures are a vital source of socio-economic empowerment and progress in developing countries. As part of the Group's leading approach, SBI AG sees itself responsible for improving the lives of people influenced by the projects in which it is involved, among other things, by implementing innovative telecommunications infrastructures.

Quarries, Asphalt and Concrete, Processing Plants: As an established company with extensive experience in the infrastructure sectors with projects designed to serve populations over the long-term, SBI AG sees great importance in the quality of raw materials used in its projects. To ensure the timely provision of adequate quantities of the highest quality materials, SBI AG operates its own quarries, crushing plants for the aggregates’ production, manufacturing and laying asphalt concrete and casting reinforced concrete.

Main Operation Locations
SBI AG's headquarters is in Switzerland, and its main operations are located in: West Africa - Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana and Benin Republic; East Africa - Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania; South and Central America – Guatemala; Colombia, USA, Central Europe – Romania; Caucasus – Azerbaijan.