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Power Stations

S.B.I.’s ability to combine advanced technology with human capabilities enables the company to realize its abilities in the field of renewable energy, as part of its ability and to cope with complex environmental challenges. S.B.I.’s exceptional reputation has resulted in the building of Hydroelectricpower plants in Guatemala: El Canada 45MW and Monte Cristo 12MW, XACBAL 94MW for $100 million, and Palo Viejo 84MW for $150 million.

For example, Guatemala’s El Canada project which supplies 46MW and is powered by two turbines, turned by HEP, was built by S.B.I. in a record time of two years. S.B.I. was the EPC contractor for the project with General Electric and ABB as subcontractors to implement electromechanical systems.

The Takoradi Thermal Power Plant at Takoradi, Ghana

SBI Group through its subsidiary SONITRA Ghana constructed in 1996-1998 the Civil Works for the 300MW combined cycle Takoradi Thermal Power Plant at Takoradi, Ghana under a subcontract to Stone & Webster (U.S.A), for the Volta River Authority of Ghana.

The works included all reinforced concrete and building works for the fuel tanks, switch yard, main control building, turbines foundations, by-pass stack, step-up transformers, overhead cranes, plant maintenance warehouse, garage, laboratory and administration building, industrial service building, fresh water storage reservoir, fuel treatment building, steel structure pipe rack, site development and external works.

The total civil works constructed by SONITRA amounted to about 23 million dollars.

OXEC 1 – Hydro Electric Power Station, Guatemala

Design, Supply and Construction of Hydro Electric Power Station 26 MW in Guatemala.
Start date: 11/2013

End date: 9/2015
Value of project: 40 million dollar
Employer: Energy Resources S.A.
Works included: Concrete gravity dam, concrete and steel pipes, descender, canals and power house.

OXEC 2 – Hydro Electric Power Station, Guatemala

Design, Supply & Construction of a Hydro Electric Power Station 60 Mega Watt in Guatemala. The station was built following OXEC I project at the upper side of the river.
Start date of engineering works: 2/2015.

Projected End date: 10/2017
Value of project: 63 million dollar
Work included diversion of the river with Sheet Piles and Casting with pump and conveyor, concrete gravity dam with power house and electromechanical systems, decender, concrete and steel pipes. Some of the excavation was done under water. 

The El Canada Hydroelectric Power Plant

The El Canada Hydroelectric Power Plant of 46MW was commissioned on December 19, 2003. The Project is located in the mountains near Quatzaltenango in Guatemala.
SBI was the EPC Contractor for the Project and General Electric together with ABB were itssubcontractors.

The Project includes a small Concrete Dam on the Samala River with an extension by an inflatable Rubber Dam, a long Concrete De-sander for sand settling, a 3.10m diameter tunnel 1,200m long, an artificial operational reservoir holding 250,000m3 of water, lined with polyethylene geo-membrane, a 1.85-2.10m diameter steel penstock, 2,300m long, a power station with two Pelton Turbines producing about 46MW, a Transformer Substation and 69KV high voltage Transmission Line, 4.1km long.

Project description
The Dam is raising the water in the river by about 7m. The water flows into the De-sander through three units of trash-rakes and gates.
After sand settling, the water flows through the Tunnel into the Operational Reservoir.
From the Reservoir the water drops about 370m through the Steel Penstock to the Power Station, where 46MW of electric power are produced by the two hydraulically driven turbines.

Hidroelectrica Palo Viejo | Guatemala

January 2009   - February 2012

Location of Project: El Quiche,  North West of Guatemala  

Employer / Client: Enel Green Power 

Value($): 202,881,666    

Performing Company: SolelBoneh Guatemala 


(84 MW)  Design, supply and construction, turnkey contract includes, intake works Cotzal River and tree tributaries, four headworks, channels system for conveyance of  19 Km, tunnel of 500 Reservoir of 300,000 m3,   Pressure pipe of 1.5 Km,  powerhouse, substation, access roads (15 Km paved with asphalt),  5 bridges, signaling,  environmental mitigation works.  EPC Contract.

Hidroelectrica Xacbal | Guatemala

March 2010   - June 2010

Location of Project: El Quiche,  North West of Guatemala   

Employer / Client: Grupo Terra    


Performing Company:SolelBoneh Guatemala

(94 MW) Supervision of the design, supply and construction, turnkey contract, channel conduction, pressure pipe, artificial reservoir, powerhouse, substation, access roads (3.5 Km paved with asphalt), signaling, protection works, and environmental mitigation works, EPC Contract.